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Ubuntu involvment

The way I see my future in the Ubuntu Community, and why I stand for a CC seat

I have been quite careful to get a balance between my community participation, and my activities among the technical world in the Ubuntu Sphere. And it is the way I want to continue : keep doing develpment, but also maintaining community activities.

I do think this balanced point of view, plus the habit of dealing with large community (the French Loco is one of the largest in the world) are assets for a CC seat since it requires to have a good overview/understanding of the Ubuntu Community as a whole.

I am used to set conflicts. I have done that mainly in the french Loco, but I also did a lot in my day work when I was managing people. I have always been in favor of the separate discussions whenever it is possible in order to be able to act as a mediator, before organizing face to face discussion between the people who were opposed. This willingness to reach common agreement has a strong continuation in my believe that even in such big community any voice is valuable, and that every opinions matters. This is one of the axis I would like to continue to emphasize.

Loco : Ubuntu-fr

I am the leader of the French Loco since June 2008. And I was an active member before. My main activities in the team are :

  • Management of the Community
  • Planning of the events (we are the team which have events with more than 4000 attendants)
  • Management of the order/logistic/fabrication of all our goodies (CD/Shirts/Mugs...)
  • Supervision of the development of our websites (that have more than 50 000 unique visitors a day)
  • Some development on our main website.
  • Defining / improving the methods of such a growing team
  • Commnication inside and outside our community

Ubuntu Development and Packaging

I am an approved Ubuntu Developper (MOTU). Most of my activites are done in the Desktop Team, contributing to Gnome integration.

The list of my current uploads can be found here : ChristopheSauthier/Uploads The list of my current syncs can be found here : ChristopheSauthier/Syncs

Ubuntu Mentoring

I am an the leader of the MOTU Mentoring Reception team, which organize the mentoring program for anyone who want to be involved in the Ubuntu Development. More informations can be found here :


I've done some translations on Rosetta at sometime (cf)

I did some translation English->French for the interview project on ubuntu-fr. I was part of BehindUbuntu, and did some English->French translations. I was part of UbuntuBackstage, doing English->French translations.

Old Endorsements

You can find some old endorsements/supports that have been wrote about me during my Ubuntu life :


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