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About Me

My name is Chris Johnston. I live in Orlando, FL. My day job is a FireFighter Paramedic, but in my spare time I am a computer enthusiast. I have been running an Ubuntu Server since 7.10 and as a desktop since 8.04.

I was awarded membership to Ubuntu Members on December 7, 2009 by the Americas Regional Membership Board.

I am currently one of the lead developers for the Community Website Project, which includes the Summit Scheduler, LoCo Team Portal, and the community supported web themes.



Ubuntu Members
Florida LoCo Team Ubuntu BugSquad Launchpad Beta Testers
Community Website Developers
Ubuntu Membership Board 2012-present

Past Ubuntu Beginners Team Ubuntu Beginners Team Launchpad Focus Group Ubuntu Community Learning Project Ubuntu Classroom Ubuntu Classroom Management Team Ubuntu User Days Team

Ubuntu Participation

Ubuntu Unleashed 2013 Edition

I served as one of the technical editors for Ubuntu Unleased 2013 Edition written by Matthew Helmke and published by Sams Publishing.


I am currently one of the lead developers for The Summit Scheduler. I also do alot of the bug triage for the * websites.

I do mostly python/django work. I have uploaded a couple of packages into the Debian archives.

In addition to Summit, I have also submitted some patches that have been accepted in Launchpad.

Ubuntu Beginners Team

I was a Jedi Fellow on the Ubuntu Beginners Team. I participated in the Launchpad Focus Group. In the LPFG, I actively participated in the Answers section of Launchpad as well as triage bugs. I also helped out in many educational aspects in the Ubuntu Community, even though the EduFG is currently not very active.

My Blog

I have written a number of different articles and tutorials for both Ubuntu Server and Ubuntu Desktop setups on my personal blog at

Bug`Squad & Bug`Control

I am a member of both the Ubuntu BugSquad and Ubuntu BugControl.


As a part of the Ubuntu Classroom team, I helped to recruit instructors as well as remind them of their upcoming courses. I also help to maintained the Classroom wiki page and was a member of the Classroom Management Team. In addition to that, I hosted the ClassBot bot fora number of years.

Florida Local Community Team

I am a member of the Ubuntu Florida LoCo Team and recently participated in Florida Team Birthday Bash / Karmic Release Party (picture I'm the guy on the far left holding my little boy).

I am in the process of creating a family-based blog for our LoCo, for members to post updates about their families and what is happening in their lives.

I hosted a number of Ubuntu Hour's and Ubuntu Global Jam's in the Orlando, FL area.

Internet Relay Chat

My registered IRC nickname is cjohnston. I am usually present in the following channels:

  1. #ubuntu-us-fl
  2. #ubuntu-community-team
  3. #ubuntu-website
  4. #launchpad
  5. #launchpad-dev
  6. #ubuntu-devel
  7. #ubuntu-quality
  8. #ubuntu-desktop

Ubuntu Hour - Orlando

On December 14, 2009 we hosted our first Ubuntu Hour in Orlando, Florida. Our Ubuntu Hour is every Monday at 7:00 PM EST at Barnes & Noble in Orlando (more info). You can see pictures from our first Hour here. Interested in joining us at an Ubuntu Hour? Find out more information and RSVP on the Ubuntu Hour page of the Florida LoCo wiki!

Ubuntu User Days

Ubuntu User Days was born out of a discussion at the Ubuntu Developers Summit in November 2009 regarding Ubuntu Open Week not being targeted enough at users. Ubuntu User Days was created to be a set of classes offered during a one day period to teach the beginning or intermediate Ubuntu user the basics to get them started with Ubuntu, including:

  • Learn how to install Ubuntu
  • Learn how to find equivalent programs in Ubuntu
  • Learn how to get help with Ubuntu
  • Learn the basics of how to use Ubuntu
  • Learn how to get involved in the community
  • And more! For our full schedule head over to

I have been a lead for the Ubuntu User Days project since its inception, recruiting instructors, creating a class list and schedule, designing the website, promoting, and hosting the event.

Our first Ubuntu User Days was January 23, 2010. We had 13 instructors teach on 14 different topics throughout the day.


Ubuntu Beginners Team Council 2010

Nathan Handler (nhandler)

I have been able to work with Chris through the Ubuntu Beginners Team as well as through the Ubuntu Classroom. He is very hard working, and he always has new ideas on how to improve things. Chris is also a relatively new member to the Ubuntu Beginners Team, so he will have different views on how to handle any issues that come up, which could prove to be very beneficial. I support his nomination for the Ubuntu Beginners Team Council. -- nhandler 2010-03-23 23:28:13

Nigel Babu (nigelb)

I've worked with Chris through various teams and I'm certainly +1 for him. He is open to new ideas and improvising throughout. His enthusiasm for ubuntu has no bounds and I certainly hope he becomes a council member @-- nigelbabu 2010-03-25 01:01:50@

Ubuntu Membership 2009

Even though he has only been a member of the Florida LoCo for a short time, Chris has been very active in our online and in person events. He is always willing to offer help and expertise to us in the IRC channel, and he blogs regularly blogs on Ubuntu subjects. His blog has also been included in He has also taken the lead on getting our new family-oriented website up and running. I have met Chris and his family on a couple of occasions, and look forward to interacting with him more. He is already becoming an invaluable member of our LoCo, and I only see than increasing in the future. -- mhall119 2009-11-30 15:09:14

I second the kind words that mhall119 has previously said. Chris has a passion for Ubuntu. It's obvious whenever you talk with him, I look forward to seeing good things from him for the Florida Team and Ubuntu! -- itnet7 2009-12-01 20:12:31

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