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About Me

I am a 30 year old, open source software ethuniasist. I have been using Linux in one form or another (Slackware, RedHat, Debian, Mandrake, Gentoo, Ubuntu) since Linux 2.0 came out and I have to say that Ubuntu is the best one by far. During the day I work as a Systems Engineer at Dinmar Consulting, and at night I relax by working on Ubuntu. I currently live in Ottawa, Ontario with my lovely wife and guniea pig which still does not have a name yet (the guinea pig, not the wife).


My interests include the following (in no particular order):

  • Linux kernel.
  • Bug hunting/resolving.
  • Embedded Systems (handhelds)
  • Spending time with my wife

Ubuntu and Me

I been using since Hoary was released. I was using Gentoo at the time and was looking for a change. I was tired of recompiling ebuilds and waiting ebuilds to finish and started looking around. I still used Gentoo on my server, so I decided to try Ubuntu and was impressed.

Soon after I started submitting patches for Ubuntu's kernel to Fabbione and have been doing so ever since. Here is a short list of things I have contributed to Ubuntu:

  • Kernel Team
    • Submitted Kernel patches for improvements in hoary, breezy and dapper.
    • Kernel Bug triaging.
    • Submitted patches for external drivers in breezy and dapper.
    • Hanging out on #ubuntu-kernel offering support.
  • Bug Squad
    • Bug hunting
    • Fixing and uploading to universe
    • Bug triaging
  • Main/grub
    • I do some bug triaging for grub. I have a couple of patches that I would
      • like to include in dapper+1. Including LVM support, animated gfx-boot out of the box and a cleaner stage2 boot.
    • Also I fiddle around with grub2 which I get the chance to.
    • Of course kernel team related activities.
  • Laptop Team
    • Testing dapper on Canonical sponsored laptop Dell Latitude X1.
  • MOTU
    • I am a member of the MOTU team and if I remember one of the first ones
      • to join the team (although I could be wrong)
  • Advocacy/Support
    • I advocate using Ubuntu whenever I can. Smile :)

Other Open Source Work

I have contributed to other projects as well besides Ubuntu:

  • Gentoo
    • Gentoo developer. (

    • I mainted the net-irc ebuilds for Gentoo.
    • I also maintained both apache1 and apache2 for Gentoo (including the related
      • apache modules found in gentoo's ebuild tree).
    • I was a member of the SPARC porting team, tested ebuilds for the SPARC
      • proccessor.
  • Open Xchange
    • I contributed several patches to Open Xchange for various improvements to their
      • web based interface that was accepted. I did this on behalf of a client that I was working for at the time.
  • Corel Linux/Xandros
    • I was also one of the first beta testers when Xandros first came out.

Looking Forward

I would like to join the core developer team since I believe I believe that I can contribute alot more than what I am doing now with my experience and knowledge. I will continue to do my best and work with both the community and the core developers. Also I have a couple of ideas for an Embedded version of Ubuntu, I think that would rock (Imagine UbuntuCE ;).

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