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About Me

I have been a computer enthusiast for quite some time. I've been using Linux since around '95 off and on. I mainly stayed with Red Hat initially. It was with an early version of Mandrake that I realized Linux had a future [year of|on] the desktop for typical daily use.

Since around 2002 I've had at least a dual boot Linux system permanently in the home. Around 2005 I realized I was running Linux more than Windows at home for personal use. Shortly after the release of Dapper I was building a newer PC for home for the job I was working. The old machine was reformatted for my first 'pure' Linux desktop box.

I've been an advocate for Linux since my Mandrake days. I've helped in IRC, forums and other areas as it fit into my schedule. In late 2006 and early 2007 I wanted to do something a little more active. Having been a fan of LugRadio for some time I looked for the local Loco team one of the hosts kept pimping and found that Maryland did not have one. One rainy March afternoon I went to the IRC to inquire about what the USTeams project was doing to get one going around here. Maybe I just wasn't looking in the right places for the existing. I think it was AaronToponce who, after some conversation on what needed to be done, named me the first member and leader of the MarylandTeam. RichardJohnson was named our mentor and is a great guide as needed.

Currently the MarylandTeam has been my outlet for Ubuntu advocacy and support. Now I have a great team that I work with. We've managed to have a physical meeting every month since the inception of the team (One postponement due to weather). Our members have had individual and group projects to spread Ubuntu successfully. We have good relationships with the local LUGs.

Things I do for Ubuntu

MarylandTeam Stuff

  • Ubuntu I founded the MarylandTeam LoCo, which has grown steadily in it's time.

    Ubuntu Lead the team to become an Approved LoCo team in just under one year.

    Ubuntu I work with many great team members to grow and expand the group regularly.

    Ubuntu Launchpad

    Ubuntu Website

    Ubuntu Forums

My Future with Ubuntu

  • Ubuntu Bug Triaging (After prepping for the GlobalBugJam)

    Ubuntu Forum Support As Time Allows

    Ubuntu Limitless


Ronald Swift, President

I wanted to add my note of thanks for your tireless efforts and great leadership of the Ubuntu MD group. You have made both the techees and non-techees like me feel welcome. The install fests, new release parties and presentations to other groups have really helped to promote the growth of Ubuntu in the area.

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