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Find out most-called factoids, and pick from that list. codecs, video drivers, wireless, fixing GRUB, Java, Beryl, resolution, viewing/editing Windows partitions, +WINE + adding repos + LAMP. perhaps do it as shorter just to teach and then take a lot of the time to answer questions, do hypothetical situations, etc?

Basic unix fluency - commandline syntax, command structure, elementary regex and multiple command linkage, autocompletion, color.

  • LDAP
  • Clustering
  • Networking
  • LTSP
  • Packaging
  • Patching packages
  • Launchpad
  • Wiki
  • Ubuntu membership
  • IRC
  • Artwork
  • Glade
  • Other
  • Bug Triage

Heres some ideas on topics:

  • Terminal Server Client/VNC external IP to PN IPs (private networks) and setup.
  • Networking with linux - Commands and HowTo's.

  • Debian Packaging - How to make them and how they work.
  • Kernel Compiling
  • Tackling compiling (of a application) and errors that are common/uncommon
  • Samba -HowTo and tackling errors/incompatabilities.

  • Battery Saving modifications/hacks (this is a big one since I cannot find anything on this subject that suites my needs, nor others)

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Music_Shuffle - something kinda simple

BrandonSussman - General unix/Linux topics.

  • System management, scripting, configuration, troubleshooting.
  • Elementary LAMP setup and maintenance
  • Commandline syntax, regex, multiple command chaining, environment maintenance and setup.

PriceChild - Beryl

  • "What the heck is all of this?"
  • Where to find the guide for your setup.
  • Maybe a little support.


No video or audio topics. No ubuntu+1 topics

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