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Transcripts for all lessons: [BR] [BR]
Transcripts for all lessons: [[BR]] [[BR]]


Welcome to the Ubuntu New User Network's, Classroom Transcripts. This page will list the transcripts created from the logs created during the individual classes. Everyone is welcome to take the IRC logs and create their own transcript. Please check back within a couple of days after a class is completed for the up to date transcripts.

New User Network Classes

For a list of the available classes, and the proposed classes, please view them on the ["Classroom"] wiki page. The following are the completed classes, along with the transcripts created.

Class 1: Introduction to IRC

This class was presented on two different days. The first day was Saturday, August 5th, 2006 at 18:00 UTC. The second day was Monday, August 7th, 2006 at 01:00 UTC. Lectures for this class were provided by [:KevinGailey:Kevin Gailey] aka hybrid, presenting irssi, and [:nixternal:Richard Johnson] aka nixternal, presenting Konversation.

Transcripts for this class have been provided by the following IRC members:

Class 2: Introduction to Command Line Interface

This class was presented on August 19th and 20th. The lecture on Saturday was provided by [:JasonRibeiro:Jason Ribeiro] aka jrib and the lecture on Sunday was provided by [:PaulOmalley:Paul O'Malley] aka ompaul.

Transcripts for this lesson:

Class 3: Basic Compiling

This class was held September 2d and 3d. Instruction was provided by [:JohnVivirito:John Vivirito] aka gnomefreak and [:MarekSpruell:Marek Spruell] aka nalioth

Transcripts for the lesson:

Class 4: Package Management - Graphical & Command Line

This class was held September 16th and 17th. Instruction was provided by [:RyanKavanagh:Ryan Kavanagh] aka ryanakca and [:CoreyBurger: Corey Burger] aka Burgundavia

Transcripts for the lesson:

Ubuntu Open Week

Transcripts for all lessons: BR BR Automatically posts them ASAP; they may get slightly more cleaned up later. Contact TonyYarusso if there is a problem with the server or files.

Nov 27: Desktop Team

This class was held November 27th. ... could someone please complete this?

Transcripts for the lesson:

(if anyone wants to beautify, correct, re-hugify, mirror or what-ever-fy this - feel free to do so)

Nov 27: Packaging 101

This class was held November 27th. ... please complete and add links.

(if anyone wants to beautify, correct, re-hugify, mirror or what-ever-fy this - feel free to do so)

How To Help

Interested in helping the New User Network, and maybe becoming a Mentor, or even an Instructor? Then visit the following wiki pages for more information:

The New User Network is always looking for new and exciting mentors to help new Ubuntu users.

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