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I am a Kubuntu member, and I am a moderator at I am an OP in #kubuntu on freenode irc.

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I am 46 years old, and I currently live in Savannah, Georgia, USA. Formerly I resided in Brewer, Maine for 29n years. A former manager at a Wendy's restaurant in Maine, I now am employed at Harbor Freight Tools.

I didn't have a computer until I was nearly 32, in 1998. My first taste of a non-Microsoft OS was BeOS 5.0 Personal and Pro, soon followed by Mandrake 7.0. I played with the Be for a while, until I discovered 2 "user-friendly" Linux distros: Redmondlinux and ELX Linux, both easy to install single-cd distros. Redmondlinux soon became Lycoris, and by then I was hooked on Linux, finally switching to Lycoris as my main OS and going Windows-free in February of 2002. I became a member of Lycoris' Greenhouse forums, and eventually learned to build rpm packages of primarily simple applications, and helped get more current wine versions running on that platform. I also packaged basic fire wire support for the OS. Eventually I became part of their so-called "NDA-group" which basically were a wide variety of early beta-testers of the commercial distro. With the acquisition of Lycoris by Mandriva, I needed a new distro as Mandriva's products did not suit my tastes and needs. After a bit of distro-hopping, I came across Ubuntu (Hoary), and soon after, Kubuntu. As I am rather KDE-centric, and Kubuntu provided a useful, well rounded and attractive set of defaults in it's desktop setup (somewhat like Lycoris was) I was quickly hooked. I have used this OS almost exclusively since then. I was honored with the privilege of attending UDS-P in October of 2011, and hope to be able to attend future summits.

I am also throwing my hat into the Kubuntu Council elections ring.

I firmly believe in the concept of a small livecd containing tools that provide the most features for the widest number of users. I also believe that KDE and KDE based software provide the vast majority of those tools, and does so with an attractive look and feel that allows for incredible customization as the user sees fit.


I moderate and am an admin at, where we successfully made the transition from SMF to Vbullletin; I have been tweaking the theme there go give it a bit of a Kubuntu look. There is still some work to do there before my theme is the default, especially with custom icons.

I can be found in various irc channels, I have OP status in #kubuntu.

I am a member/admin of the Ubuntu-Maine-iacs LoCo team (MaineTeam), but unfortunately we are too few and spread out at the moment (especially me as I have moved away) and have not found any major organization as of yet.


I hope to learn more packaging; I have learned enough to get more up-to-date packages of KMyMoney and libalkimia built in my PPA. I intend to set up a daily build PPA for KMM in the near future.

I would like to spend less time idling in irc and more time helping there as I spend most of my time in kubuntuforums.

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