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About Me

I was first introduced to Linux in high school and worked in Redhat 7 in our Computer Systems Technology class. Ubuntu was later introduced to me by a colleague and friend at HP. I have used Macintosh OS X and Windows extensively but neither of them can compare to Ubuntu IMO. I am currently using Ubuntu as my primary OS on my home computers and running a dual-boot on my work laptop. I continue to let interested parties know about Ubuntu. I am experienced in web design and W3 standards and am currently learning Java.


I am in a committed long term relationship and enjoy spending what little free time I have with my girlfriend. I am constantly listening to music on Sirius or Pandora when I am at a PC and love film.


I am a Customer Solutions Center Supervisor at Hewlett-Packard in Kentucky. I previously worked in a business analyst role developing and managing knowledge and technical documentation for up to 300 employees. I was also involved in SharePoint development and maintenance.

HP has a very large and open UNIX/Linux profession group that I would love to move into down the road in my career. I have recently installed Ubuntu 9.10 on my work laptop and am dual-booting with Windows Vista as we have some programs that will not run in Linux or Wine.

Ubuntu Participation

I currently participate by answering posts in the Ubuntu Forums as well as helping friends and co-workers install and configure Ubuntu on their PCs. I help answer questions in IRC at #ubuntu.

I recently joined the Documentation Team and am looking for bugs that I can help with.

Beginners Team

I am not a member of the Beginners Team yet but I am hopeful and want to help new Ubuntu users transition from Windows and Mac. I am currently in the process of joining the team and am a padawan for cprofitt.

I wish to join this team because I have seen how much I have been able to learn and how much I prefer Ubuntu to any other OS I have used. I aim to become a team member by August 2010.

Ubuntu Forums

Unanswered Posts Team

I am not currently a member of this team but I am eager to contribute using my diverse technical knowledge and experience.

Local Community Team

I have recently joined the Ubuntu Kentucky LoCo Team and am looking to become more involved ASAP. I have joined the mailing list and will be attending the next team meeting. Our LoCo team has essentially (if not fully) migrated to the logcal LUG, BGLUG.

Internet Relay Chat

IRC nickname: thecliff on

  • #ubuntu
  • #ubuntu-beginners
  • #ubuntu-beginners-team
  • #ubuntu-forum
  • #ubuntu-beginners-help
  • #ubuntu-us-ky

You can find me on IRC helping and meeting users between 1:00 and 4:00 AM EST most days.

Linux User Group (LUG)

I am becoming an active member in the Bluegrass Linux User Group. I plan to attend the next IRL meeting and expand my knowledge of the open source community.

Goals For The Future

  1. Work with cprofitt to become a Beginners Team member
  2. Continue to post in support sections of the Ubuntu forums
  3. Continue to get Friends and Colleagues trying Ubuntu
  4. Begin offering assistance on IRC
  5. Continue involvement in BGLUG through meetings and participation



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