Oneiric Ideas

  • Upstart
    • automated boot/shutdown testing
      • Use LXC or chroot support on hudson slaves to boot and shutdown w/ all packages shipping upstart scripts installed.
        • - Record initctl list output when it looks right, fail tests w/ differs.
    • bootup change rc-sysinit to 'start on started networking'
      • - network-services and rc2.d -- services which depend on networking being up and configured. - network-support-services and rcS.d -- services which may be needed to finish ifup -a ru
        • - Non upstart bootup forced this .. ifup -a was run at S40 in rcS - Timeout for ifup to avoid stalling the boot?
    • clarify socket activation and chroot support
    • 1:1 LSB init conditions to upstart abstract jobs/events
    • LSB -> upstart job (template?) converter

    • New event "default-route-configured" -- jobs that need real internet access (as opposed to being usable on a LAN) can use this to run when a real interface is available and has claimed the default route.
  • Bugs
    • Opinion Status lightning round
      • - 2 minutes for one person argument FOR Confirmed - 2 minutes for one person rebuttal FOR Invalid - 5 minutes for discussion - at 9 minutes per bug, this should allow 5 bugs to be reviewed.


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