For Ubuntu Netbook Edition in Lucid, there should be a very simple clock menu for telling the time and date and accessing time settings.


Ubuntu Netbook Edition in Lucid will not be using gnome-panel, so it cannot use the clock-applet. We have extremely limited time to implement a replacement, so we should focus on the basic tasks of (1) seeing the time, (2) seeing the date, (3) opening your calendar, and (4) setting the time and date.

Artwork requirements





The title of the menu should be the current time, in the 12-hour format “H:MM AM”.


The contents of the menu should be, in order:

  1. An always-disabled item giving the current date, in the form “Sunday, 6 January 2013”.
  2. If Evolution Calendar is installed, an “Open Calendar” item. Activating this item should launch Evolution Calendar. (If it is already open, Evolution should switch to and focus its calendar view.)
  3. A separator.
  4. A “Set Time and Date…” item. Activating this item should launch time-admin. (If it is already open, time-admin should focus its existing window instead of opening a duplicate window.)

Handling upgrades

There are no upgrade requirements. Any settings you have for the gnome-panel clock will remain dormant until the clock menu becomes smart enough to adopt and migrate them.

Future work

  • Calendar integration
  • World clock (other cities, conversion?)
  • clock commands (stopwatch, countdown, calculations?)

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