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  • how users will be pointed to the new way of doing things, if necessary.

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BoF agenda and discussion

 * support for easier/more common to use archive formats (Bug:641504)
        ** currently uses mime-MultiPart
        ** Scott is currently considering
                *** tar ball (but you lose metadata (use manifest file like jars?))
                *** yaml (human-typable)
 * support disabling of cloud-init function ([[|1]])
        ** for when you want to do everything yourself
 * better documentation ([[|1]])
 * new "magic" options should generally be "off by default"
    ** for example, default mounting of ephemeral drives (ebsmount)
 * integration of Amazon cloud-init changes, be more cross-distro (Bug:655837)
 * message regarding "all the way up" to the console (Bug:653271). Here, we could also write keys to console again. This would make sure that the keys were seen in the console (ie, they'd not been pushed out of the buffer by other data written there).
 * cloud-config set lifetime of instance at launch ([[|1]])
   ** and/or maybe send email after a time.
   ** and/or set some budgets (CPU, network, I/O, etc.).  The cost information is probably not available inside the image, though.
 * "phone home": let the instance call home to a launcher supplied URL, posting bits of info from the client. We wrote something like this for awstrial, would be nice to have it in cloud-config ([[|1]]).
 * cloud-config set hostname ([[|1]])
        ** To set arbitrary hostname.
        ** Seems like a reasonable request
 * rightscale integration
        ** There was a right-scale install package in Hardy/Karmic.
        ** If this change is implemented, Natty will have a hook where you can pass in a URL and execute the script you get back, providing a generic replacement for the rightscale-specific code
        ** RS_ID=foo&bar=jerk&
        ** CLOUD_INIT_HOOK=
 * adding a cloud-init seed so that it can be used on bare metal install too (nijaba)
        ** There's already a command-line option that enables this.
 * parallel processing.  In maverick, everything is serialized. Cloud-init also lets you order activities.
 * Better visibility of stdout messages.  It's feasible to redirect all stdout to a given file.
   * config element to send content to given file
   * in shell:
      echo 1
     } > file 2>&1
 * resize2fs for root volume on boot (configurable off)
 * [action]: smoser create openstack blueprint for getting cloud-init into rightscale images
 Narwhals! Narwhals!
 ACTION: file feature request bug for setting arbitrary hostname in cloud-config
 ACTION: Jeremydei to open bug on the rightscale integration item.

smoser's notes:

* support cloud-init on non-cloud (debconf question, default behavior
  "no-cloud") LP# ???????
* logging: boot an image and sends logs to a remote syslog server asap.
  * cloud-config logging: output on EC2 console.
  * cloud-config (and cloud-init) remote syslog
  * user scripts output target configurable in cloud-config
* support for yaml based multi-part
* move the multi-part helper to cloud-utils from cloud-init
* support disabling of cloud-init function
* integration of Amazon cloud-init changes, be more cross-distro (LP: #655837)
* cloud-config option to set default stdin and stdout
* [LOW] cloud-config set lifetime of instance at launch
* all the way up message
  * to console
  * to phone home cloud-config. post meta-data, ssh keys
* [LOW] cloud-config set hostname
* rightscale integration (LP: #??????)


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