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 * '''Status :''' ''Ubuntu MOTU Developer''; and ''Canonical Release Engineer''  * '''Status :''' ''Ubuntu Core Developer''; and ''Canonical Release Engineer''
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As of August 2008, I'm an employee of Canonical OEM Services Custom Engineering Group as a Release Engineer. Early of August 2008, I was hired by Canonical as the OEM Services Custom Engineering Group's release engineer.

On October 13th, 2009, I became a Ubuntu core developer.
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== Plans & Goals ==

I'm currently applying to become a Ubuntu Core Developer. You can find my application at [[/CoreDeveloperApplication|CodySomerville/CoreDeveloperApplication]].


About me

I've been using Ubuntu for some time now (not quite sure how long, I'd have to go digging for that information) and I've really come to love and enjoy using Linux on the desktop and server. Even though I considered myself a very tech-savvy person before joining the Linux community, I've found Ubuntu to be exceptionally easy to use and recommend it to all my friends and family.

I love Ubuntu so much that I've decided that I want to give back to the Ubuntu community! I'm a frequent idler of #xubuntu, #xubuntu-devel, #ubuntu-ca, #ubuntu-marketing, #launchpad, #xubuntu-offtopic, #ubuntu-marketing, #ubuntu-doc, #ubuntu-mobile, #ubuntu-testing, #ubuntu-desktop, #ubuntu-motu and a number of other channels regularly. I also hope to lend some of my programming skills to help improve the Xubuntu distribution and Ubuntu as a whole. Even though I still consider myself a newbie compared to the other amazingly talented individuals in our community, I think my dedication, enthusiasm, willingness to learn, and my ever developing technical aptitude and skills could become an asset to the Ubuntu project.

In Winter 2008, I was elected by the Xubuntu community as the Xubuntu Project Leader and later approved as a Ubuntu Developer by the MOTU Council.

Early of August 2008, I was hired by Canonical as the OEM Services Custom Engineering Group's release engineer.

On October 13th, 2009, I became a Ubuntu core developer.

Skill Set

I can program in Java, Pike, Python, JavaScript (getting rusty), C/C++, PHP, Bash Script, Objective-C, and LPC comfortably and I'm always looking to learn more.

Love to ramble about CS/tech topics and don't mind lots of questions? Then I've got an ear to listen with. :]

I also consider myself to be proficient in written and spoken English but I can be a horrible speller at times.<g>

Other notable skills include leadership, organization, and the ability to quickly learn new topics.

Other distros that I have experience with include RedHat 9, Debian, DSL (my first linux distro), Slackware, Fedora Core, RHEL 3, and a few other small utility distros.

My Contributions

Team Membership

You can view the teams that I'm a member of at


Support & Bug Triage


  • Very frequent contributor to Xubuntu Wiki pages (Xubuntu/*)

  • Contributor to Xubuntu Desktop Guide
  • Member of the Ubuntu Documentation Project Core Commiter Team

Community, Advocacy, & Marketing

  • (Previous) Chief Editor of UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter

  • Local advocacy at school and in the community (Public speaking, posters, word of mouth, etc.)
  • Presenter for Xubuntu session in Ubuntu Open Week event.

  • #xubuntu and #xubuntu-* IRC contact and operator

Code, Packaging, & Development

  • Xubuntu project leader
  • Member of the Ubuntu developer team
  • Member of the Xubuntu developer team
  • Member of the Debian Python Packaging Team
  • Member of the Ubuntu Universe SRU Approval Team
  • Admin & Developer of

Note: A lot of people have borrowed/used (some with explicit permissions, others none at all) my homepage "template" -- Feel free to do so. :)


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