About me

I am a Canonical employee and currently working as an Kernel Engineer in the Kernel Team. I have worked on various parts of the kernel subsystem, covering ACPI, suspend/resume, eCryptfs and I try to sort out weird BIOS issues. In the Precise cycle I've been focusing on reducing power consumption by identifying and tackling the low hanging fruit.

I've also contributed to grub by adding UUID support in Intrepid and ext4 support in Jaunty. I have worked on SSD tweaks and analysed boot I/O operations of Karmic using QEMU.

I work a lot with BIOS vendors to make sure that Ubuntu works correctly with firmware shipped with new hardware. I started the firmware test suite, a tool for validating BIOS/ACPI firmware and I still am a major contributor to this project.

I have also developed stress-ng, the flexible and extensive operating system stress tool.

When I have spare time I seek and destroy trivial buglets in the Linux kernel that I find using various static analysis tools such as CoverityScan, cppcheck, sparse.

I keep a Ubuntu related blog regularly up to date, with regular postings on kernel and system related hints and tips.





I'm currently applying for Ubuntu membership - recommendations most welcome!


Steve Conklin (kernel team member and Ubuntu member) I recommend Colin for Ubuntu membership. He's a highly productive member of the kernel team and his blog is a valuable resource for the Ubuntu community, and it would be an excellent addition to the planet Ubuntu feed. -- sconklin 2009-10-23 16:01:10

Leann Ogasawara (Ubuntu member) A big +1 for Colin to become an Ubuntu member. He's a huge asset to the kernel team and Ubuntu community. His blog is by far one of the finest and most informative blogs that I follow.

Andy Whitcroft (Ubuntu Kernel Team member) +1 from me. Colin is a big asset to the community contributing to the Ubuntu kernel, researching hardware issues in sound and the like. We need his blog on Ubuntu Planet.

Lee Jones (Ubuntu Kernel Team member) Colin is a highly intelligent, highly motivated and highly skilled Kernel Engineer, who's contributions to the Ubuntu Kernel are invaluable. I find Colin very pleasant and easy to work with. He is an excellent communicator who is always willing to help and answer even the most technical questions. A massive +1 from me.

Jeremy Foshee (Ubuntu Kernel Team Member) Colin is one of the smartest people I have encountered in my career. His technical knowledge of BIOS and firmware issues is unmatched. I enthusiastically support his appointment to membership. I always know where to go for information that other members of the team are a bit hazy on. Colin will make an excellent addition to the Ubuntu Membership.

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