Approval Application for the Colombian Loco Team (ubuntu-co)

It has been a slow but steady path to bring together an active group of Ubuntu users in the Colombian Team. Free open source software does not have much visibility in local media and the governement, educational and private initiatives have only been gaining traction for the past few 2-3 years. Microsoft and other local lobbies are hard at work to stop any free software initiatives.

In that context the team is facing interesting challenges compared to other countries where governement and private organizations are already massively implementing free, open source solutions (including but not limited to Ubuntu).

The mailing list remains the most active resource, and public events and conferences are where members participate the most. I personally expect to "pass the torch" to other members once the team is official, and there is very high interest in pursuing out objectives from several regular contributors and members.

-- FabianRodriguez

Key Details


The Ubuntu Colombian Local Community Team follows the Ubuntu project principles and philosophy, while proposing its own mission and objectives.


To promote the use of free software, formats and content licencing in Colombia, by using Ubuntu. To foster local social and economic development, discussion and ideas exchange around the different aspects of technology freedom. Encourage and facilitate collaboration with other groups and networks with compatible or similar mission and objectives.


Our general objectives are:

  • Increase visibility and usage of Ubuntu in Colombia, in both events and local media
  • Bring together the highest possible number of users around a friendly and active community
  • Lead specific projects that will benefit Colombian Ubuntu users in Colombia and abroad

Some specific objectives for 2008 are:

  • Develop a strong local web presence: wiki, CMS-driven website
  • Increase the team members participation to Launchpad (no zero-karma), encourage team members to become Ubuntu members
  • Have a kiosk at FLISOL 2008 and all major 2008 IT events in Colombia
  • Organize visits and workshops for major local IT shops. Major cities in Colombia have shopping-mall-like clusters of computer & electronics stores.




Advocacy and CD distribution

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