Becoming a member of the Ubuntu Colombian Team

Please note that become a member of the Colombian Team does not automatically make you an Ubuntu Member, which is a different thing.

Membership is open to any individual (Colombian or not) interested in contributing to the Ubuntu Colombian Team within its mission and objectives. Membership lasts one year, and expires automatically unless you request its renewal. We consider a year is reasonable time to confirm and renew sustained interest and participation if you still want to be a member of our team.


If you wish to register with this team please make sure you have completed the following steps:

  1. Subscribe to the team's mailing list. Other members will gladly help you and answer questions about this process.

  2. Register to Launchpad, a tool that provides a profile to members to make it easier to coordinate and measure participation. Write some info and if you wish you can also add your photo in Launchpad using this link. [Example:].

    1. Create a link to your wiki from Launchpad and be sure it works.
  3. Sign the Code of Conduct (CoC). If you don't know how, other team members will guide you through. We can wait for this specific condition to be met but from time to time the team admins will verify and revoke memberships that haven't signed the CoC. This is an important step to acknowledge you have read and understood the general principles governing the Ubuntu community.

  4. Create your personal page in English or Spanish on the wiki:
    1. Login / register at

    2. Click on your login name on the top-right part of the page to access the wiki editor
      1. If you don't already have a wiki page, choose the "Colombian Team Home Page Template" as a template for your home page

      2. If you already have a page, check other members pages as an example to edit yours (JulianDuque, CarlosArenas, HollmanEnciso, JuliánAlarcón)

    3. Make sure your wiki page has at least these four sections (do not request membership unless you have these on your wiki page):

      • A general presentation of yourself, plus contact information (email, IRC nick, webpage)
      • Your goals for Ubuntu Colombia
      • Current and past contributions, if any
      • Your vision for Ubuntu Colombia
  5. Write a short message to the mailing list, presenting yourself and clearly stating what projects / activities you are interested in actively participating in.

  6. Request team membership on Launchpad

One of the volunteer administrators will check your submission and act accordingly within 4 business days.


One you have become a member of the Ubuntu Colombian Team, we strongly encourage you to also become an Ubuntu Member.

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