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Ubuntu Colombia Reapproval

Ubuntu Colombia is one of the most traditional LoCo Teams within the regional and global communities, specially with the Spanish language ones. As Ubuntu Colombia is conscious about the importance to keep being recognized as an active and official LoCo Team, we've created this wiki page to summarize the main activities that we've done during the last two years.

General data

Datos del Team


Agosto 21, 2014

Team establishment:

Noviembre 25 de 2005

Team Admins:

Ubuntu Colombian Council

Team Contact:

Andrés Mujica

Membership: 63 launchpad members






Mailing List:

ubuntu-co on 1240 suscriptors


#ubuntu-co on Freenode (logged on

Google+ Page: (2,455 seguidores) and 3,089,124 views

Facebook Page: UbuntuColombia (6162 likes)

Twitter: #ubuntuco (3769 followers) ubuntuco (106 members)

Ubuntu Members list

These are the Ubuntu Members currently members of Ubuntu Colombia LoCo Team:


Ubuntu Colombia is being administered by the council, composed by official community members. Within its tasks, it should help fulfilling the community's interests in general, serve as support for different activities and events held all over the country, look for a harmony and orderly development in the community growth and help in establishing cooperation agreements between different LoCo Teams and communities within Colombia and other countries, within other several tasks.

Once the current re-approval process is finished, there would be a new council to be elected. Big Grin :)



Team's Mission

To promote the use of open source software, open formats and free software licenses in Colombia, by using Ubuntu.

Team's objectives

  • Ubuntu To double the official members amount in a two (2) year term.

    Ubuntu To rise at least in 25% the Ubuntu Members amount in a two (2) year term.

    Ubuntu To support one of our members to become a MOTU in a three(3) year term.

    Ubuntu To participate in at least three (3) massive events all over Colombia as in the Flisol or Software Freedom Day.

    Ubuntu To establish formal cooperative bonds with at least three (3) free software communities in Colombia and at least one LoCo Team within the region.

    Ubuntu To participate as one of the organizing communities in the Ubuntu Conference Latin America for the 2013 or 2014 version

    Ubuntu To widen up the operation and covering of the Ubuntu Colombia projects assuring the active participation from at least two(2) community members.

Events picks and activities

At this time we're registering our events in the Wiki and in the LoCo portal. We hope we can migrate in a definitive way to the LoCo portal later this year. (We just are needing a way to link up our pictures there)

The events registered from 2012 to 2014 are in Loco Portal.

Previous and other events are here Events Wiki

UbuCon Latinoamerica 2014

Este año fuimos los organizadores de la UbuCon Latinoamerica, en la cual conto con mas de 8 conferenciantes Internacionales y 15 conferenciantes internacionales. El Evento que se realizo en las instalaciones de la Universidad Tecnologica de Bolivar en Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, fue un total éxito. Dejamos algunos datos significativos.

Contamos con la participación de Varios LocoTeams, como son Mexico, Venezuela, España, Uruguay, Argentina y Peru.


Se registraron mas de 700 personas al evento.

Asistieron mas de 500 personas al evento. con mas de 250 personas diarias que nos visitaron.


Se realizaron mas de 10 conferencias, charlas y talleres diarios. Conferenciantes: Agenda:

Actividades con Colegios

En esta ocasión invitamos a varios colegios de la ciudad de Cartagena de indias, para enseñarles las bondades del Software Libre y la filosofia de Ubuntu. Primero Naudy de Venezuela estuvo hablando sobre el proyecto de Canaima Educativo y compartiendo con los chicos su experencia en cuanto a este proyecto.

|| || || || || ||

  • Y luego Fernando Laneros y Marta de España estuvo hablando sobre las bondades del Software libre y Ubuntu y estuvieron realizando unas obras con los estudiantes.

|| || || || || ||

|| || || || || ||


La UbuCon Latinoamerica, estuvo en las primeras planas de los diarios mas importante de la region.

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Algunas Fotos


Looking for a viral distribution way of spreading Ubuntu, we've created some videos available in our YouTube's channel, where you'll find videos promoting Global Jam, Ubuntu Hour, Final users experiences, workshops and conferences given by the community.

Youtube's channel

One of the most popular and interesting videos is this one about a newcomer lawyer to Ubuntu, please check it right here:

Ubuntu Experience Video


Ubuntu Colombia from its inception started a work model based on projects looking to fulfill the typical needs. At this moment the projects are maintained and working according to the participant members pace, but its importance is growing.

Fundacion CaribeMesh and Ubuntu Colombia

Ubuntu Colombia y la Fundación CaribeMesh se encuentran trabajando desde hace 5 meses en un Proyecto de Educación con Software Libre para las escuelas de escasos recursos de colombia. Este proyecto empezó con un piloto que se esta realizando en la Ciudad de Cartagena de indias, Colombia.

El piloto comenzó en un Colegio en el Sur de la ciudad de Cartagena, en el Colegio Ciudadeka 2000 el cual empezamos realizando una encuesta para ver la posibilidad de realizar cursos y actividades en el colegio. Estos fueron los resultados. Ver Resultados..

Foto con algunos estudiantes encuestados.

Ver noticia..

En estos momento estamos trabajando con al rededor de 60 estudiantes de los grados 9 y 10 de la institución, los cuales se les esta brindando un curso de Software Libre y se realizo la migración de la sala de sistemas a Edubuntu.

Algunos estudiantes estuvieron presentes en la UbuConLA 2014, el cual fue una experiencia enriquecedora para ellos.

Ver mas sobre el proyecto en la wiki oficial: EducaLibre

Social Networks

Since last year, Ubuntu Colombia decided to keep itself closer to our users no matter where they were located. This strategy led us to an intensive social networks use, spreading the word about Ubuntu and free software. The accomplishments of this work are testified on the next images.

Facebook Charts

Some of our most recent stats.

Twitter @ubuntuco Chars

Last three months stats.

Google+ Ubuntu Colombia

Google plus is the most recent social network :

Youtube Channel of Ubuntu Colombia

Youtube Stats

Previous reports and approvals

Our first re-approval from 2010:

Reaprobación 2010 Reaprobación 2012

Last report from 2011:

Reporte 2011

Re approval from 2012:

Reporte 2012

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