Joey, David, Mitch, Nick, Collins, Frankfurd, Will, Karl, Chris.


Meeting times? Days of weeks? First of every month?

David starts the group off by grabbing attention and announcing plans. Talks about future plans and units users by pointing out some future goals.

Joey takes the stage by discussing Ubuntu LoCo team unison across the States and LoCo team unison.

He discusses the plans about LoCo "help" and how his bug has implemented changes on the Ubuntu.com website and the Ubuntu "help" menu itself.

Loco-Contacts :


Sunday @ 3pm - Next Weekend #ubuntu-meeting

David touches back on the "direction" of Ubuntu and meeting schedules.

Discussion of "converting the masses" takes place and ideas are thrown around to start transforming schools. The "library" outreach program is discussed by David and the "presentation" will be uploaded for later use.

(Group Decision) Installfest, (Joey) "Google" t-shirts, (David) Increased Lug Meetings? (Group), teacher conference? (David), Library "installation" ? (David, Karl, Will), Library BookCram (Chris).

Note: Anders Lankford - Member of 4 different libraries - Good Contact?


Has there been a linux sample or other library kiosk program that has already been developed? Are there other successful "Linux libraries" out there that could be used as a real-life example of a Library conversion. How can we convince people that we have the right solution?

"This library district did this..."

Dave - Contact LoCo List to see if there are any other Library examples or contacts we can touch base with.

  • Problems for Libraries
    • Management of current architecture? Cost for Reinstalls/repairs? Upgrades for hardware?
  • Get Involved
    • ASK! Ask libraries what the problems. Is Vista a good opportunity for a "Library" push?
  • Language Labs
    • Libraries use "Language" training software.
      • Perhaps Ubuntu can provide this service as well?
      Kvock Training - In Current Repository
  • Applications
    • What are the best applications for Libraries? Can we develop a distribution directed at the Library market?
      • iso development of our own?

Marketing Ideas

(Group Goal) Bilboard?, Newspaper Ads?, Flyers, People's Fair?

Identification of Conferences;

  • Sort a list of Conferences we want to attend and develop a repo. of conferences in the area.

Flyer for Feisty party (Carl).

Booth options;

  • Order a booth from canonical? Other companies "split-booths" to share with ubuntu.
    • Perhaps other Lugs? System 76?

Touch-back on Meetings

  • Duration? Regular meetings? IRC Meetings? Do social meetings build on the community and are they important even if nothing productive is done?

Ideas for LUG presentations? Post to list.

Send an email to the list setting date/time for an IRC meeting in March. --DAVID

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