2014 Tshirts

2014 T-Shirt Design Page

If you are looking for the old T shirts page, click here.

This page coordinates information and designs for team T-shirt orders.

Previous Parameters for the shirt:

  • Classy durable "Polo shirt" with embroidered logo and "Colorado Ubuntu Linux Team" on the left chest. "CoLoCo Rocks" phrase on the left sleeve also (specify if you don't want it).

  • Depending on popularity/estimated cost, a different style may be offered.

Future orders: anyone can organize an order. You just need to order at least 4 shirts. The company we used for the order in 2007/2008 was http://www.queensboro.com

Future design possibilities, e.g. for a more casual t-shirt:

  • Bonus points for stuff on the back also.
  • Silkscreening or the like. No decals.

Phrases: To be determined.

See also:

Graphics Design Area

To Be Determined

First Order, not yet ordered

Cost for first order:

  • The default shirt is TBD

  • The option is an additional TBD

  • Shipping for the entire order will be TBD

Commitments to Order

When there are known parameters for the order, one can volunteer to be the Order Coordinator who will collect payments and distribute T-shirts. At that point, the committments to order and payment status may be documented in this section of the page.

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