We're going to decide on official T-Shirt designs - if you have suggestions, please attach them below.


  • if you install a fortune-mod and fortunes and run  fortune -m bug | less  there are a few good quotes

  • Ubuntu <- Replace the 3 circles though with bugs!!! Wink ;) Come on, lets see some design ideas!!! I want a bug shirt -- nixternal 2006-06-21 12:15:05

    • Like this? cluster_bugs.svg
      I also made a "no bug" style logo similar to "no smoking" signs. no_bug.svg
      Also have a bug with a ubuntu target on its head bug_target.svg -- draimus

      • Wow - these are neat! In order of preference: 1. no_bug, 2. cluster_bugs, 3. bug_target - Motin

  • What about an exotic african bug with the ubuntu logo on it's back?
  • Maybe a orkin man type shirt?
  • maybe exotic african bug = scarab beetle?
  • here's an idea: standard logo, except it's misspelt "ubugtu"
    • ..then have a little guy erasing the bottom part of the "g" so it looks like an "n" again. Smile :-) -pbr

  • ^ that idea (without the guy): ubugtu - s/g/n/-Team -a7p

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