The Colorado Local Community Team has begun planning it's first release party for 2008 scheduled to coincide with the Hardy Heron (8.04) release. This page will be used to collect ideas for locations, activities, and possible guest speakers or companies to showcase GNU/Linux and Ubuntu related technologies.


  • Saturday, April 26th
    • This immediately follows the Hardy Heron release day (April 24th).


  • Computer Lab at Colorado Christian University (Lakewood, CO)
    • The lab has tiered seating with desks and computer stations. Each computer station has it's own power bar allowing for people to bring either desktop computers or laptops to install Ubuntu on. Internet access is provided both via wireless access points throughout the building or via Ethernet. The room also features a sound system and projector integrated into a presentation desk that hosts a DVD Player and a Computer, making it ideal for presentations or a casual movie during an Install-Fest.


  • Install-Fest
    • We've had many requests for people to get in-person help with installing Ubuntu on their personal machines for quite some time. This would provide an excellent opportunity for those with more GNU/Linux experience to assist people who are having difficulties as well as provide a friendly environment for learning about new software.
    • We could use LinuxCOE to install systems over the network. Using a local mirror this would both show off the power of GNU/Linux software and make new installations extremely easy. See: http://linuxcoe.sourceforge.net/ or give it a quick try now at http://instalinux.com


  • System 76
    • Long time supporters of the Colorado Team. They have attended previous release parties and would probably like to continue doing so.

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