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Key Details


  • More Lug Involvement - Work more with the Local Lug's (Clue, BLug, NCLug). In helping setup more events and install fests.

  • Education Classes - Involved the Lug's in hosting some Linux(Ubuntu) education classes.

  • Install Fests - Become more involved in co-hosting with Clue in the bi monthly install fests.


  • Release Parties - The 6 month Ubuntu Release Party.

  • Teachers in Education - We where involved in hosting a booth at the TIE conference in for 2yrs running.

  • General Activism - We all are very active in many other groups and continue to direct others to Ubuntu and our group for continued help.

  • Distribution of CD's - Along side with distribution within the group of the LoCo CD pack. We hand them out at local tech bookstores and other Open Source Events.

  • Ubicon - We hosted a Ubicon at Googles offices in Boulder, CO


  • Lack of timely responsiveness & support from the higher ups in the Ubuntu Community.

    • Had difficulties in getting support for running booths at events.
  • Large geographical region. Hard to plan events that involve as many people as possible.
  • Financing for events.
    • Not a lot of locations that can play host to a group our size. While still providing WiFi, Beer, Food, and Family Env, and be free.

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