• CC Meeting 2011-03-15
    • ACTION: Daniel to get opinions on bug 605969 in Ubuntu Website "Redirect /employment to" [Undecided,Won't fix]

    • Quick re-cap of feedback on Ubuntu Wiki Relicensing. Alan and I shared the feedback we got up until now, pointing out that we got
      • lots of approval and appreciation for our efforts
      • some unhappy comments about process (preference for getting explicit feedback from everybody), also pointed out the general unfeasibility
      • negative feedback about the "DRM clause" in CC-BY-SA 3.0 and the suggested solution of dual licensing the content. (Melissa Draper, the only visible attendant of the meeting, liked this idea too.)
      • We asked for feedback and directed people to the CC mailing list to share concerns/advice/etc.
      • Alan and I agreed that it might make sense to wait for Greg Grossmeier's feedback (and that of others), bring it up at the next CC meeting again and then make a decision how to proceed. The 4 week timeframe would be over by the time and we would have had 2 meetings (in two different time points) and everybody would have had enough opportunities to speak up.
    • Next chair: Alan.

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