2012-09-06 Meeting (log):

  • Application Review Board (ARB) catchup
    • They are working their way through the queue of applications following the successful App Showdown
    • A lot of activity on the mailing list lately

    • The majority of the apps had received feedback on them, a few of them have been published and I believe the majority of them still needs to be, but they think that's going ok
    • Some new tools have been put in place that help with the review process and many of the App Showdown submissions were cookie-cutter Quickly apps
    • They are uncertain how successful they will be at restaffing the board and think they may have burnt out some of the reviewers they had during the showdown
      • The workload is daunting right now, initial expectation was "no more than 5 hours/week"
      • Without app showdown, their usual submission rate was about 5/week, which was manageable by one person full-time
      • Hopeful that improvements to the ABR process will help, but we are talking 6+ months of development work to get the tools in place
      • dholbach to liaise with TB to get an extension of terms to allow more time to attract nominees
    • Discussed the proposed AppDevUploadProcess

      • Not all members agree 100% with the spec, but are confident they can hit a good agreement for the next 6-month cycle of work
      • Need some work in the direction of automated packaging/sandboxing
      • Initial read its much better than existing one and one part a board member liked was removing manual reviews which were the bottlenecks this showdown
      • Encouraged by the discussion on the ubuntu-devel list. It's lengthy, but the tone is quite healthy
      • One board member expressed that they don't like the opt requirement, it is inconvenient, it does add a challenge, it does make it harder to get that same package into the debian/ubuntu archives, but it's also the only way you can prevent filename clashes reliably
    • Made some suggestions to make the call for ARB nominees a bit more welcoming

2012-09-20 Meeting (log):

  • Ubuntu Membership Board GMT- catchup
    • A meeting in August caught up with several Membership board members, this meeting was offered for anyone who didn't get a chance to talk last time, or has follow-up items they wanted to bring to the attention of the CC
    • PabloRubianes from the board attended, only comment was "I like how are things going"

  • The CC has received feedback all the LC members about the nominated LC candidates, so voting can now begin
  • pleia2 sent an email off to the person working on the Forums plugin, he says he's close to getting it working (required for upgrade tom 4.x)

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