There are a couple (or more) schools of thought about how we might make more relevant and purpose-driven for those that land on it. Here are some layout/structural considerations for discussion:

Flat page approach

A flat page approach is similar to what is on the production site already. The human being landing on the site is presented a choice of all possibilities where they can go right on the top-most page. It's like a smorgasborg (or buffet style restaurant). All possibilities are out in the open to see. Though this is great from a "show me everything I can do" perspective, it forces our fellow humans to wade through a bunch of stuff they probably have no interest in just to find the one or two items that they were looking for in the first place. It can be overwhelming to some.


  • Easy to write, deploy, modify


  • Information overload
  • Unfriendly to novices
  • Not purpose-driven

Layered page approach

A layered page approach can be thought of as having a guide in a foreign city. For example, if you were to visit Prague but had no idea what to see/do/expect, you might enlist the help of a local who understands you (to some extent) and what your goals and interests are. By asking you a few pointed questions they can shape an experience in Prague that accentuates the activities and places that interest you. In much the same way, there could be an "concierge" that asks you one, two, or three very pointed questions, and then based on your answer(s), narrows downs the pages that you would see on subsequent clicks.

Think of the layered page approach as having a top-most layer that is very pictorial and has no more than 5 choices of where to click. From there, the next layer down will have approximately twice as much detail (and relevance), and the next layer down event more. So, we essentially expose only the detail that people are actually interested in.

In this model, there would also be a layer that is simply a "Site Map" for those who don't care to use a guide and just want to see every possible place that they can go and explore.


  • Masks complexity, making it more friendly
  • Directs people quickly to areas of interest
  • Can be tailored to promote certain contributions over others


  • More effort to write/deploy/modify
  • May miss certain use-cases

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