Developer, Student, and Educator Outreach Programs

During UDS-O we had discussed "App Developer Community Outreach Plans" in a LP Blueprint locate here !

Here are resources available that are used to attract Developers, Students, and Educators. In most cases, a lot of the training and resources is offered for Free. I will continue to add resources here as I find new links.


SAN DIEGO — March 17, 2011 — Microsoft Corp. today announced the immediate availability of Microsoft Accessibility Tools & Training, a package of free online accessibility training courses, tools and other resources to help developers worldwide create technology products, services and websites that are accessible to people with disabilities, and to enable business leaders to make more strategic technology decisions.

Free Software for Students

Whether your school department has chosen an Online (downloads-only) subscription or an Online+Media subscription, you are able to obtain free Microsoft software with a license that never expires—even after you graduate! All you have to do is:

Register the MSDNAA products you install with the provided product keys

Adhere to the license terms of the Student Use Agreement.

Find your path to success in a centralized learning environment that is specifically targeted to beginner programmers. The rich array of content starts with the very basics, and guides you through each step of the process to become a full-fledged developer. After you're ready, become a Champion and show off your project.

  • Download Microsoft Visual Studio Express for free.

Get more tools and resources when you register Visual Studio Express.

Save $250 When You Go Pro We've got a special offer that'll save you a total of $500. You'll get Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition for the upgrade price that saves you $250, PLUS 8 hours of .NET training worth $250.

Dream Spark is simple:

It’s about giving students Microsoft professional tools at 'no charge'.

Other assorted MS links:


Open Courseware:

Advance your knowledge, skills and life situation. Free training for Novell software. No registration required.


HP Learning Center (Free Online Training):

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