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Currently, you can choose between 3 options: No effects, Main plugins and extra plugins. You cannot choose the specific settings for each plugin through a simple interface (you need to use Gconf). I propose to add an "Advanced settings..." button to Desktop effects tab and link that button to compizconfig-setting-manager, the best tool to configurate compiz. The emerad theme manager should be included here too.


This is needed to improve the Ubuntu experience. This change will give the user an easy and powerful tool to manage the compiz settings

Use Cases

José wants to use a pyramid instead of the cube. He goes to Preferences>Appearence>Desktop Effects and click on the "Advanced" button. He gets the compiz-config-manager and he changes the setting.

John want to use another theme for compiz. He goes to the Desktop Effects tab and click on

UI Changes

Simply add 2 buttons to the Desktop Effects tab


compizconfig-manager and emerald theme manager must be installed.

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