A computer enabled science classroom can be considered as a kind of a ComputerLab where students are provided with on-demand access to computers. Students don't leave their table to go to the computers. Nor do they have a laptop or desktop machine in front of them that competes for space with their notebook, microscope, arms or whatever. Nor does it interrupt their 'social space'. A computer enabled science classroom does not have students sitting at their own desks, but instead they sit together, perhaps in groups of 4, working collaboratively on sciencing. The computers are not getting in their social space. The computers rest under and the monitors viewed through the (glass) table top. In the current version each table of 4 people shares 2 computers.

The computers are actually ThinClients running Edubuntu 8.0.4. This classroom presents many opportunities and many challenges. If you are interested, please help. Here is a general description of our efforts:

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