ConnMan can be used in two different ways, either with Network Menu found from the panel or via a command-line tool called cmcc , both are in indicator-network package.

Current usage options:

  • Wired: plug in cable and network will be automatically enabled
  • Wi-Fi: click indicator icon and choose network
  • Wi-Fi security: a dialog asks passphrase from user during connection establishment
  • Command-line tool cmcc for debugging and editing connections. For usage run:
    • cmcc help

3G modems

For 3G modems a separate package ofono is needed. Also it's a good idea to install use-modeswitch also.

  1. Install ofono:
    • sudo apt-get install ofono
  2. Install usb-modeswitch:
    • sudo apt-get install usb-modeswitch
  3. Plug in the modem and wait for the initialisation to finish
  4. Check that cellular network is found:
    • cmcc list
  5. Edit APN for the connection (usually it's "internet", but depends on the operator):
    • cmcc edit <connectionname> apn <apnname>
  6. Start connection normally using the NetworkMenu

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