Apache Cordova is a toolkit for building native mobile applications using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Ubuntu is an official target platform for Cordova apps. This means that you can:

  • build Cordova apps on Ubuntu
  • and run Cordova apps on Ubuntu devices

Cordova provides a command line tool (cordova-cli), to create and build apps for multiple platforms, like Android, or Ubuntu.

Cordova apps rely on platform support code to run as native applications. cordova-ubuntu is the name of the module providing the adaptation layer for Cordova apps to run on Ubuntu. This module is compiled and linked into the main application executable.


On Ubuntu, the recommended way of installing the cordova-cli tool is from packages available in this PPA: The packages generally contain Ubuntu-specific bug fixes and improvements which may not yet be present in the NPM version.

To start creating a Cordova app on Ubuntu, please refer to the Cordova Guide


The cordova-ubuntu module primarily supports Ubuntu devices, like phones, running with an ARM processor. It should still be possible to create native cordova apps to run on a legacy Ubuntu desktop (X11) but this part of the toolchain is not actively maintained.

The cordova-ubuntu module is maintained within the Apache Cordova development community.

The source code is at:

Bugs can be filed at: (select Cordova and the component Ubuntu)

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