Corey Cohen

Email: <coreymon77 AT gmail DOT com>

IRC Username: coreymon77


Channels: #kubuntu, #ubuntu-il #ubuntu-ca #kubuntu-devel

Launchpad Username: coreymon77

Launchpad Teams: Ubuntu Canada Team, Ubuntu English (Canada) Translation Team, Kubuntu Users, Kubuntu Members, Ubuntu Members

OpenGPG Key: 1024D/9F1BD737


My first Linux experience was with RedHat8. After a 1-2 year period of being unable to use Linux because of BIOS problems, I was introduced to Ubuntu by a relative. Since I prefer KDE over GNOME and Kubuntu was still in development at the time, I used Meppis and later SUSE until Kubuntu was finally released. I have been with Kubuntu every since it started with its Hoary release and I have continued using Kubuntu ever since. I now use Feisty and plan to upgrade to Gutsy as soon as it is released.

Why Kubuntu

I love Kubuntu, I recommend it to everyone, I believe that Kubuntu does a perfect job of being user friendly enough for new users of Linux to use and understand while being complex enough for advanced users to do whatever is needed to be done. For every function there is a graphical method for those who prefer it as well as a command line method for those who prefer the old fashioned way of doing things. Kubuntu is simple to install and is compatible with lots of hardware, eliminating the troublesome hours of setup that used to be required after installing Linux. I want to be a Kubuntu member because i want to give back to the Linux distro that I has known and loved for many years and becoming a member is the first step towards doing just that.


I am an active member of the English-CA translation team, however i am working on translations of the Hebrew and English-CA languages. My translations to date are listed on the translations section of my Launchpad profile. I have also reviewed, corrected and approved many of the suggested translations of other launchpad users. I have already signed and uploaded a copy of the Ubuntu C.O.C. to my launchpad account as an Ubuntero


I am on freenode regularly offering advice in any area that I can. I find that I thrive with helping people dealing with Wireless problems, especially in the #kubuntu channel. I also regular two ubuntu loco team channels: #ubuntu-il and #ubuntu-ca. I always try to give the best advice I know of in any situation.


I feel by helping translate Ubuntu to both Canadian English and Hebrew that I am helping Ubuntu thrive in these two rarely supported areas (In regards to GNU/Linux).

I have also given out a lot of disc's to my friends in real life, I help them make a transition from their MS Windows operating system to a nice Free/Open Source Operating system.


I plan to continue translating Ubuntu, as well as maybe getting involved with expanding my knowledge into areas other than wireless internet and perhaps even getting involved in some real promotion of the operating system. I also plan to begin to help with late beta and rc testing for kubuntu.


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