Welcome to the member page for Craig Adams.

Based in Durban , South Africa, an avid supporter and promoter of Free and Open Source Software , with a definite emphasis on the "Free as in Freedom" aspects.

I have been promoting Ubuntu since it was first made available, and have distributed numerous copies to date. Amongst other target groups I ensure that local libraries and schools have current copies Ubuntu available at their reference and media counters.

I am also the Co-Lead of the Ubuntu-ZA LoCo .

I am a long standing member of the community and act as the project lead and Marcon (Marketing Contact) for in Southern Africa (Website Depreciated).

I am also a founding member of eTux , a community volunteer group focusing on providing GNU/Linux, predominantly Edubuntu, labs to schools and communities.

For those interested in contacting me, you can reach me at craigaa|at|karg|dot|co|dot|za or craigaa|at|openoffice|dot|org.

My Launchpad profile can be found at .

I am also occasionally on IRC with a handle of craigaa.


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