I, Csaba Kertész, apply for <MOTU>.

Who I am

I am Csaba Kertész, a Hungarian who works/lives in Finland now. I worked as a consultant/architect/scrum master for Maemo/Nokia (Debian based distribution for Nokia handsets e.g. N900) in Finland in the past three years.

My Ubuntu story

I use Debian/Ubuntu at home and my workplaces since ~2002. I contributed to Ubuntu only forum activities from the community side so far.

My involvement

I would like to include my hobby research project in Ubuntu+provide fixes for existing softwares. (See below)

Examples of my work / Things I'm proud of

I have a hobby research project (AiBO+, to enhance the artificial intelligence of the Sony's AIBO robot dog. I use OpenCV ( for computer vision in this project and I contribute to this upstream project as a developer since ~2004. At my workplace, I worked together/contributed to various open source projects (e.g. libical - iCalendar implementation, libkcal - KDE's calendar library in kdepimpi).

Areas of work

My main experiences in developer means: - C/C++ - maintaining debian packages - cmake/qmake/autotools - Gtk/Qt - svn/cvs/git - gstreamer etc.

Things I could do better

Plans for the future

Near future: I would like to contribute fixes to the OpenCV in Ubuntu and add my research project to Ubuntu. Later: Contribute fixes/reviews for other softwares in Ubuntu.


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