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I really believe in Ubuntu's ability to improve peoples computing experiences and would like to make the upcoming Dapper Drake distribution available to people as an alternative to paying for Microsoft Windows. Personally I would like to see at least a few Ubuntu CD's in every major electronics store in the North West. I fully expect allot of resistance at first but I think in the end places like Fry's Electronics and Circuit City are going to give in.

I would like to see a ShipIt type distribution system setup in the Pacific Northwest. This should allow our Loco teams to supply libraries, users and retailers with CD's.

After trying for sometime to get in touch with other Ubuntu fans in the Portland metro area I finally decided to start the Pacific Northwest Loco Team in an effort to try to get a larger group of people together.

Currently I am working on starting the PNWTeam. I've also been helping new users enjoy their Linux experience but I am looking forward to doing some bug squashing and getting involved in a few more projects.

If you would like to help spread Ubuntu please check out teams Project List!

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    US Army


    Consultant, Developer of real time web reporting and data solutions, Network Operations, Quality Assurance, Scripting and Automation, Systems Administrator, and Technician


    Cooking, Hiking, Playing Guitar, Rock Climbing, and much more

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    Ubuntu 10.04

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    Currently a tie... Historically Windows ME but currently Vista has joined the ranks with it's technical regression, increased software/hardware development costs, and DRM integrations. I believe Microsoft chose who they consider their customers and it isn't the people paying for the software licenses.



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