Daniel Elias

homepage: http://daniel.jb0.org/

email: daniel@jb0.org

keyID: 0xE9CD263D

freenode: VobiscuM

About me

I'm living in Manaus at Amazonas - Brazil.

I started to know about free software and how it is good for the community and society after 1 year using GNU/Linux, until that moment I saw GNU/Linux just like a tool unfortunely, once a day I ask myself, what means GNU ?!, so I decided to find the answer and when I found it, I discovered this answer is an answer for many questions of people and the bigger part of society of my country.

So, I dive into the local community of free software on my city, Manaus.

Today, I'm member of Comunidade Sol http://www.comunidadesol.org

and I helped with everything that I could make on all of kinds of events on my city about free software that I had knowledge and I want to help much more.


  • Advocate free software
  • Advocate Ubuntu Linux and the forks related.


  • Help people and poor children of my city in the way that I can, especially education
  • Make softwares related with education


  • Algorithms
  • Database
  • Neuroscience

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