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Who I am

Ubuntu Name: Daniel Schwitzgebel

Ubuntu Born: 12.04.1990

Ubuntu Nickname: Schwitzd

Ubuntu City: Morbio Inferiore http://img136.imageshack.us/img136/3989/svizzerant0.gif

Ubuntu GPG Key: 6A92D0A7

Ubuntu Launchpad: Personal Page

Ubuntu Ubuntu users: http://img508.imageshack.us/img508/8664/ubuntubloggerxj6.png


About Me

What can I say about me... I live in Switzerland and I was born in 1990. I attend a informatic school and I work at the Hugo Boss. In the free time I like play football, go around with my friends and enjoy with computer. My first experience with Linux dates in 2002 with Suse distribution. Then I move to Mandriva and after this one I tried a lot of distro like Kubuntu, Gentoo, Knoppix and other more. In 2006 I've land on Ubuntu and I haven't moved


What I Do

Ubuntu Ubuntu Member

Ubuntu Ubuntu Italian Member

Ubuntu Make support on the forum

Ubuntu Write and review wiki pages for the Documentation Team

Ubuntu Responsible of Sticker for Ticino

Ubuntu I participate on the Ubuntu Swiss Team



Ubuntu Email: schwitzd@ubuntu.com

Ubuntu Email: schwitzd@ubuntu-it.org

Ubuntu Email: schwitzd@gmail.com

Ubuntu IRC: Schwitzd su irc.freenode.net

Ubuntu Skype: schwitzd

Ubuntu MSN Messenger: schwitzd@hotmail.com

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