You can find me on launchpad and I have my own wiki on http://wiki.digital-scurf.org/ and a blog on http://blog.digital-scurf.org/

In the days of hoary, I wrote a patch to the toshiba acpi module to put hotkeys through into the acpi event layer. I also worked on a patch to fnfxd to support this model and wrote various of the scripts for supporting toshibas which can be found in the acpi-support package.

I work on the build and publishing infrastructure of Launchpad (soyuz).

I used to maintain the lua40 and lua50 packages in Debian and at one time I was a debian ftpmaster.

In the short term I intend to work on general bug fixing and tidying on the run up to Dapper release. I will also be looking at ensuring the laptop experience on Toshibas in particular is up to scratch.

In the longer term, my interests lie in the boot sequence and in firewalls and general basic user experience. My father and mother both use Ubuntu and I need to reduce my support load Smile :-)

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