Founder of toronto chapter of ubuntu-ca, also interested in MOTU activity, documentation and coding.

About Me

  • From Toronto, Canada
  • Running Ubuntu since November 2005
  • Using Linux for nearly 5 years, starting with Slackware
  • Identifies with Ubuntu philosophy
  • Firm believer in software freedom and open source
  • Member of ubuntu-ca and ubuntu-marketing teams
  • Active Ubuntero

Things I've Done

Things I Plan To Do

  • Become an active MOTU Hopeful
  • Become more involved with documentation or article writing (ie. UWN or the fridge)
  • Continue to spread Ubuntu
  • Continue to co-ordinate with the Ubuntu Toronto team in raising awareness and helping new users
  • Become active in the New User Network
  • Develop a free and open source directory services solution for Linux (if I can't find one that exists!)

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