Vous Pourrez trouver mon CV à cette adresse: http://www.ubuntu-qc.org/DavidGiard

How i got involved in the creation of the Ubuntu Quebec Team

At the end of 2005, i got sick of searching for people from Quebec interested in Ubuntu. There was the CanadianTeam and the FrenchTeam but no QuebecTeam and nothing was even close to it. So i started with the CanadianTeam, i translated their pages on the FrenchTeam's wiki. I found a few people with this approach but there was something wrong about it so i thought about starting a QuebecTeam myself. At that time i decided to wait for that. Later a suggestion from FabianRodriguez compelled me to do it; So i did, i Started the QuebecTeam with the help from DanielRobitaille, PatrickHétu and FabianRodriguez.

The web site is at: http://www.ubuntu-qc.org/, i contributed everything i did for the web site by creating what is now known as Ubuntu Drupal. It is now maintained by someone else because with my anxiety problems i could not continue the work by myself.

About Me

I live in Magog, Quebec. I talk French and English.

I started with Slackware in 1994(more or less), at the time, it was floppy based installation... Yeah wow... We've come a long way... Smile :)

I had to deal with a Generalized Anxiety Disorder pretty much all my life, i think i was born with it. Something about an operation my mother had when i was still in the womb probably got me really stressed about the outside world. So i'm the kind of guy that was always passionate about anything that could change the world for the better; copyleft, open software and hardware.

Other Info:


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