About me

I work for Canonical as the Ubuntu Translations Coordinator (UTC) in the Community Team, and as such my job is to advise and represent Ubuntu translations, and act as a liaison with community translations leaders and upstreams.

If you've got any question about translating Ubuntu, joining translation teams, etc., you're at the right place Wink ;) . You can always contact me in any of the forms listed below and I'll be glad to help you.


I'm usually at the following IRC channels on Freenode:

Summary of contributions to Ubuntu

I have been an Ubuntu user and contributor since Hoary. My main contributions have been in the localisation field within the UbuntuCatalanTranslators team, of which I am a translator and also currently lead. Being a GNOME translator has also allowed me to facilitate the interaction between the Ubuntu downstream and GNOME upstream translations.

Detailed contributions to Ubuntu

Plans and ideas for Ubuntu in the near future

Work together with the Ubuntu translations community to make it even more awesome!


I am also an active Debian and Translation Project translator, and I have also contributed to OpenOffice translations in the past.


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