David Rusling

I graduated in 1982 (ancient history) and worked mostly on operating systems (Primos, VMS) and networking (bridges and routers). At Digital, I got involved with Linux and the open source with the Alpha processor, working with Linus and a couple of others on the Alpha port. It's no exaggeration to say that it changed my life, personal and professional. After that I worked on the StrongARM and moved to ARM in 1998. During my time at ARM, I've mostly been in operating systems and tools. I am part of ARM's architectural team and as an ARM Fellow I work mostly on corporate strategic initiatives.

I helped create Linaro (see http://www.linaro.org) and open source consortium dedicated to ensuring that ARM Linux based products are easy to create and deploy. I act as its CTO, running its Technical Steering Committee (TSC, see http://wiki.linaro.org/TSC), which oversees the technical and engineering roadmap. Part of my CTO role includes incubating new areas that Linaro should be active in and ensuring that the engineering solutions are both coherent and aligned. Supporting me is the grandly titled, but small Office of the CTO (see http://wiki.linaro.org/OfficeofCTO).

I regularly get involved with and talk at Linux events, such as LinuxCon and Linux Plumbers. I spend a lot of my time explaining what Linaro is and does. My main focus, though, is in helping ARM become a fully fledged team player in the Linux and open source communities. This is politics with a small 'p', but enjoyable nonetheless.

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