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#Title Darkwing Duck #Title David Wonderly


https://launchpad.net/@@/person Name:

David Wonderly

https://launchpadlibrarian.net/16121192/gem-sm.png Location

San Diego, CA USA

https://launchpad.net/@@/mail Email:


https://launchpad.net/favicon.ico Launchpad Profile:


https://launchpad.net/@@/language IRC:

DarkwingDuck on irc.freenode.net

https://launchpadlibrarian.net/14869842/logo14x14.png Current Ubuntu Version:

Kubuntu 11.04

About Me

Hello all, I'm David. Currently I'm a student and unemployed living in San Diego, CA. My currently running OS is Kubuntu 11.04. My wife and son run Kubuntu 10.10 on a laptop and desktop. I am Married with three kids and my dream is to help other understand the wonderful world of open source.


My mission with Ubuntu is to encourage the idea of F/LOSS to everyone I can. This is done with talking with people at school and work along with working with LUGs and LoCos. Another way I am helping is trying to write tutorials that cater to the non technical user. Ubuntu is known for its ease of use and the ability to get some of the jobs done that most heavy users would normally deem simple may not be so simple to the new or non-technically minded users.


California LoCo Team

Late 2010 I was honored by being able to help the CaliforniaTeam by being elected as one of the CaliforniaTeam tri-leadership. We are currently planning for SCaLE9x and have been doing Ubuntu Hours all over the state of California.

As a member of the CaliforniaTeam I attended Jam and release parties for Karmic, spoke at SCaLE8x and Camp KDE in San Diego, CA. Topics included documentation and KDE in Kubuntu.

I also helped setup and run the Ubuntu booth at SCaLE8x. I also worked with the Gnome and KDE booths at SCaLE8x to have them hand out Ubuntu and Kubuntu CDs at their booths as well.

Ubuntu Beginners Team

I am currently a member of the BeginnersTeam and I am loving it. Learning and helping others further their knowledge in Ubuntu and Linux in general. As part of the BeginnersTeam I am co lead of the IRC Focus Group

Ubuntu Beginners Council

I am running for position for Beginners Council. I believe that with a little work we can incorperate into a bigger role in Ubuntu the Project with training the next generation of developers for the project. I also believe that we can have a hand in promoting more flavors on the project and using our diversity to help hold us together and spread the spirit of Ubuntu.

Kubuntu Documentation

As a contributer to Kubuntu Documentation I am assisting in a leading way maintain Kubuntu Documentation. Talking with the volunteers to the project, reviewing documentation, filling documentation bugs in kubuntu-docs and writing new documentation. I am currently coordinating with the other volunteers to maintain and update the Kubuntu Docs. I have been working with Docbook and XML for almost 8 years and continue to work to improve my writing and the documentation of Kubuntu.

I have also been added to the Ubuntu Documentation Committers Team and am able to further help the documentation team in committing docs.

Kubuntu Testing

I have been working with all of the +1 releases, running bug reports, pushing the system to the limits so that we can improve the KDE experience of Kubuntu to support the user; along with this come the responsibility of ensuring that the user will not have problems from his system.


For the past couple years I have been involved with Ubuntu California. From helping with SCaLE and representing Ubuntu CA at Camp KDE in San Diego I have tried to help where I could. At the beginning of the year I moved to Mississippi and help just start that LoCo. By the time I left to move back to San Diego we had built 13 Ubuntu Labs at Highschools in the state along with a Ubuntu Lab at the Child Center on Naval Base Meridian.

I have recently separated from the US Navy and am back in San Diego for school. The California LoCo is something I believe in and I have tried to help at every moment I was in the state and I would be honored to continue to help the California LoCo.


I have now known David for some time now and believe that he is quite the guy. He definitely knows his way around Linux/Ubuntu/Kubuntu and is always available for a kind word. When he's in the IRC, he makes himself available to everyone, whether they are an extreme user with a question, or a new user looking for guidance. In whatever he path he takes, he has my full support. -- zkriesse

David was a big help with testing and bug triage for the first Kubuntu Netbook release in Karmic. I've seen what he's doing with Kubuntu Netbook documentation for Lucid and I'm fully supportive. Lucid will be our first release for end users and his documentation work is an important part of getting ready for that. He's been contributing steadily (I don't count time off due to a severe car accident and having to move for work against him) for some time now. I have full confidence in his work and intent to continue to contribute. I endorse him for Kubuntu membership -- ScottKitterman

David has been doing a great job on the Kubuntu Docs for both Karmic and Lucid, he is great to work with and should be an excellent official membership in Kubuntu and Ubuntu. David has worked on helping with the testing for the Netbook preview release in Karmic and also in Lucid. +1 for me to membership in Ubuntu Doc Committers and also Ubuntu/Kubuntu membership -- JonathanJesse

There is not too much I can say about David that has not been proclaimed in the testimonials former to this humble addition. I am proud to say that in my time in the community, the list of those that I not only relish working with, but respect and look up to, has done nothing but grow. I have the distinct honor to say that David holds one of those spots. There are seldom few with such personal drive, work ethic and rampant thirst for information greater then that of David. I say without reserve, hesitation, quiver or dishonesty that he would be an outstanding addition to the Kubuntu community. -- Paul Tagliamonte

I don't even know where to begin here. David is seriously my hero for the Lucid release. I put out a call for help during the first week, if not sooner for the Kubuntu Documentation rewrite plans. David answered, and within 2 weeks, you would have sworn David was me, just a bit nicer. He not only stepped up and helped out, but he also hit the ground running and in no time was helping to lead the effort by helping me lead about 4 or 5 other people. He is now helping with upstream KDE documentation as well. I think David is the first of his type that I have witnessed in the 5+ years I have been around. For someone to come in from the streets, and brand new tot he game, and then to be classified and looked upon as a leader, truly shows that David is exactly what being an Ubuntu Member is all about -- nixternal 2010-03-25 04:27:18

David has been actively promoting KDE and Kubuntu for some time now. When we've worked together through California Ubuntu, he's always been enthusiastic and helpful. David really understands the concept of ubuntu, and I'm certain the Mississippi LoCo will be a rising star in the USTeam project. I'm very impressed with the work he's done for the Kubuntu Documentation project and with the dedication he's shown. I'd be proud to have him as a fellow Ubuntu member. -- NathanHaines

David has a great understanding of what Beginners Team is, and would make an excellent member of the council. His ability to give assistance with those learning Ubuntu and Kubuntu is commendable. -- charlie-tca 2011-03-11 20:22:33


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