About me

I'm a computer technician who has been using Linux since 1994, and Ubuntu since 2005. I've had a lifelong interest in computer programming and am currently a huge fan of Python. I'm an active member of the California LoCo. I enjoy helping others and spreading the word about Ubuntu and other useful Free and Open Source solutions. I enjoy helping others install Ubuntu and answering any questions they might have.

Plans and Goals

Ubuntu is truly a marvel of the Free Software community. The "it just works" goals plus the "be excellent to each other" foundation of the community have made a real impact in the Linux world. It is my honor and privilege to be involved with such wonderful people. By continuous, respectful advocacy, Ubuntu can make great inroads towards fixing LP bug #1. I offer Ubuntu Desktop CDs to interested people and I intend to increase the number of public speaking I do about Ubuntu.

In addition, I plan to become involved in packaging for Ubuntu so I can package my projects for Debian and Ubuntu and help package and maintain other projects. At the moment, I'm packaging PyRoom in my PPA and have begun the process to have it included in Universe for intrepid.


I have been recommending and offering Ubuntu CDs since May 2005 when I discovered how well it worked. I have been an active member of the Ubuntu California Local Community Team since October 2007 and have created artwork and promotional material. As part of the LoCo team, I have run booths and given presentations at BarCampLA4, SCaLE6X, LugRadio Live, and on local radio and campuses, both with other team members and as a sole representative of the team and Ubuntu.

Upcoming Activities

August 2008

1 June 2008

Completed Activities

10 May 2008

  • Organized and attended CaliforniaTeam's Hardy Party at P.F. Chang's in Irvine. Was an excellent opportunity to meet new LoCo members in person and relax.

23 April 2008

  • Helped out with the CSULB Installfest by providing CDs and installation expertise. The installfest began at 7pm and was preceded by a showing of the film "Revolution OS". I gave a presentation that tied into the movie and gave a demo of a stock Ubuntu system with Desktop Effects. Joe Smith and Kristian Erik Hermansen helped. (Flickr)

17 April 2008

  • Appeared on Cal State University Long Beach student radio station KBEACH along with Neal Bussett to talk about Ubuntu and the upcoming installfest. (Flickr)

12-13 April 2008

  • Ran the Ubuntu booth at LugRadio Live USA 2008, and met a couple northerly CaliforniaTeam members to help get things more active in that area. Passed out a lot of Kubuntu CDs (Ubuntu CDs were included in each attendee's gift bag). (Flickr)

  • Gave a 5 minute lightning talk on Ubuntu during the Gong-A-Thong. (YouTube)

8-10 February 2008

3 February 2007

3 November 2007

27 October 2007

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