David Morley


My name is Dave Morley on irc and LP I am known as davmor2.


Why do I consider myself a suitable applicant. To be honest I'd never even thought about it. Stgraber first pointed out I ought to and then when I asked about others did too. So I started looking into it. Once I realised what was involved and understood that it gave you a greater feeling of being involved I decided to apply. I also think that it shows that you are interested in forming a more permanent role within the Ubuntu family.

What For

Once I realised that I kept coming back to Ubuntu I decided to try and find away to contribute back. I'm not a developer or a programmer and packaging still seems like a black magic trick. So I first started as a bug squad member. However I found that with the new apport bug reporting system that I was soon out of my depth with it. So when I heard that testers were needed I went for it.

Since Feisty beta I have tested every release to some extent. Things in the testing team have become more formalised and have been testing every cd released from alpha, beta, release candidate to final release in both live and alternate modes on both 32bit and 64bit hardware. My latest tests include:

  • Wubi and Migration-Assistant on Windows, both XP and Vista.
  • Upgrade testing, Dapper -> Hardy and Gutsy -> Hardy.

  • Installs resizing Windows partitions and ensuring both sets work correctly after.
  • Up-dating all of the test wiki pages one at a time.

Examples of my work include:

The work is most definitely not over yet though. If you go here you will see there is still plenty to be done updating the pages.

Through this testing a lot of major and minor bugs have been fixed including more recently

I am also the lugmaster of WolvesLug (The one Jono setup and Lugradio grow from). When Jono's time became to short he asked for volunteers to take over the running of the Lug which I have done. I've help to update the lug and hopefully make it more friendly and technical. We have a great mix of social and technical meetings that I hope everyone enjoys.

Name Dropping

People to vouch for me and the work I'm doing.

  • Riddell
  • heno
  • stgraber
  • popey
  • jono
  • schwuk

and others too I'm sure.

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