This page is for possible collaboration on topics that would be interesting to both Debian and Ubuntu developers who are attending Debconf. The idea here is to use this as a whiteboard to figure out what needs to be discussed in preparation for the event and as a resource for DDs that are looking to see who from Ubuntu will be attending the conference.

Coordination Ideas

We feel the following three areas would be beneficial to talk to Debian about for this Debconf:


The following Canonical/Ubuntu people are attending:



Colin Watson

d-i and policy, though tangential interests in most of the above

Chris Cheney

Evan Dandrea

James Westby

Packaging in a VCS and Patch tagging guidelines

Jorge Castro

Community-related relations and general feedback from DDs on patch and bug workflow

Lars Wirzenius


Matthias Klose

Matt Zimmerman

Michael Casadevall

Steve Langasek

Robbie Williamson

Boot performance and release coordination

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