Put together a team of people to sort through Ubuntu patches (from main, universe, etc) and feed them to the appropriate Debian Developers.


Forward porting patches from one Ubuntu release to another is work that could be minimized by encouraging patches to be applied in Debian's unstable distribution. Currently, it is up to Debian maintainers to sort through Ubuntu patches and determine what should be applied. Some Debian Developers have problems with this, as it is not always clear the rationale for patches, the patches are sometimes mixed amongst numerous other changes, etc (a good breakdown of this by a high-profile Debian Developer can be seen here: Instead of doing things passively like this, a small team of Ubuntu and Debian developers could handle this proactively by sorting through patches and filing patches in the Debian BTS. This would split out the patch from other changes that Ubuntu might have done to the package, document the rationale for the patch, and encourage Debian to apply it.

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