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Bugs relativi ai pacchetti gwibber e gwibber-service

Come segnalare un problema

Siete pregati di usare "Segnala un problema" nel menù Aiuto (Aiuto->Segnala un problema)

Peocedure per il debugging

Eseguire in un terminale:

$pkill gwibber-service & gwibber-service -d -o $gwibber --debug

How to Triage


Stock Replies

Gwibber Crashes

@Username, Please could you run under latest version of gwibber: gwibber --debug > gwibber-debug.txt and attach resulted output of this file to your report (following your steps to reproduce this issue), Thanks!

Gwibber-Service Issues

@Username, Please could you run under latest version of gwibber: gwibber-service -d -o and attach all resulted output to a textfile (following your steps to reproduce this issue), Thanks!

Try to reproduce it with PPA release

Please could you try to reproduce this issue in latest version of gwibber daily ppa (you can get from | or latest stable release and check if this problem is still affecting you? Thanks in advance!

How to Forward to upstream tracker

Click on "Also affects project" and look up for "Gwibber" project, then press ok.

Known bugs

Description of known bug reports that may receive duplicates and how to recognise them. This information should be obtained by looking for bugs tagged as 'metabug'.

The Hottest





Can't start gwibber svg format image

svg images can't be loaded


Acents in hashtags support

hashtags are broken if you use acents


Facebook problems

Problems related to Facebook authentication and stuffs


Twitter doesn't update

Twitter stop to update because you are following a 'special' user


Retweets are not displayed correctly

Messages are truncated or not fully displayed


Gwibber can't start in Ubuntu Natty

Pywebkitgtk is causing gwibber crashed, there is a workaround available


Provide ability to follow a user

there is no way to follow a user

Work Arounds

Some basic procedures to fix some common troubles:

Gwibber can't start (using CouchDB as backend >=2.30.x releases)

rm -fr ~/.cache/desktop-couch ~/.config/desktop-couch and ~/.local/share/desktop-couch and then start gwibber again.

Avatars not loaded correctly

rm -fr ~/.cache/gwibber/avatars/*

Reset your settings (Gconf)

gconftool-2 --recursive-unset /apps/gwibber

Fix your corrupted database

$ cd ~/.config/gwibber
$ sqlite3 gwibber.sqlite ".dump" > dump
$ mv gwibber.sqlite gwibber.sqlite.backup
$ cat dump | sqlite3 gwibber.sqlite

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