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This page lists some helpful steps when filing an ltsp bug

  • It is very helpful if you include version numbers of the ltsp (or ltspfs) packages in your bug report (see below how to get the right version numbers for the various packages).
  • If you modified any defaults in your thin client chroot, please mention this.
  • Did you change anything in your lts.conf file (until gutsy in /opt/ltsp/i386/etc/, later in /var/lib/tftpboot/ltsp/i386/), if so, please attach it.
  • Architecture: x86 or amd64
  • Please tell how to reproduce the bug.
  • See also: HelpingWithBugs

Get the versions of the packages:

dpkg -l ltsp-server
dpkg -l ltsp-server-standalone
dpkg -l --root=/opt/ltsp/i386 ldm
dpkg -l --root=/opt/ltsp/i386 ltsp-client
dpkg -l --root=/opt/ltsp/i386 ltsp-client-core # gutsy only

Is your bug related to local devices:

dpkg -l ltspfs
dpkg -l --root=/opt/ltsp/i386 ltspfsd

Debugging speed problems

Debugging tools

These tools you could use to monitor some speed problems, so you could find the bottlenecks:

Configuration check

These things you need to check if they are working correctly on your system:

  • Video drivers on the server (are they installed correctly?). You can check that via the /var/log/Xorg.0.log if the drivers are loaded correctly. Search for (WW), (EE) and (!!). The command cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | egrep '(\(EE\)|\(WW\)|\(!!\))' should help you filter it.

  • Video drivers on the client. Same as for the server, but now on a running LTSP client.
  • Check if disk/file indexing is turned on on the server. This will give some disk usage. Which can slow the system down.
  • Memory per client
  • Disk usage per client
  • For locking with sound, you could try to use PulseAudio fully. (in lts.conf: SOUND_DAEMON=pulse)

  • Try another Window Manager (like ICEWM). It could be that Gnome is very slow. If that speeds up, you know what might be the problem.
  • Check the load average with the command uptime.

Bugs not directly with LTSP, but affect LTSP environments

  • Policykit not allowing remote sessions (Both ssh -X that ltsp uses, and NX sessions) to access admin functionality:

Orphane processes

See also:

Workarounds / Solutions

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