Introduction -- WORK IN PROGRESS

Bugs relating to xine-lib will involve the following packages:

  • libxine1-doc
  • libxine1
  • libxine1-bin
  • libxine-dev
  • libxine1-ffmpeg
  • libxine1-gnome
  • libxine1-console
  • libxine1-x
  • libxine1-misc-plugins
  • libxine1-dbg
  • libxine1-plugins
  • libxine1-all-plugins

Bugs related to ffmpeg-free will involve the following packages:

  • ffmpeg
  • ffmpeg-dbg
  • libavutil49
  • libavcodec51
  • libavdevice52
  • libpostproc51
  • libavformat52
  • libswscale0
  • libavutil-dev
  • libavcodec-dev
  • libavdevice-dev
  • libpostproc-dev
  • libavformat-dev
  • libswscale-dev

How to file

For issues on any of xine-lib packages please select 'xine-lib' as the source package; for issues on any of the ffmpeg packages, please select 'ffmpeg-free' as the source package.

Bug tags

Bug tags are not currently used by the MOTUMedia team.

Debugging procedure

To be done.

How to Triage

Dear triagers, if you notice a crasher bug, please make sure that the bug is complete. Please set the bug to incomplete until the following pieces of information are provided:

  • example file that causes the crash
  • exact versions used
  • a backtrace using the latest packages from the motumedia PPA.

Usually the reporter will be able to provide the example file, but most times will not have the expertise to provide the other two pieces.

If the bug was opened via apport, the exact versions of all packages will be available in one of the attachments. Otherwise, please ask the reporter; for example, the following command could be issued on a terminal to show the package name, the version, and the architecture of a package:

  • dpkg-query -W -f='${Package} ${Version}\t${Architecture}\n' package

where package is either the full package name or a pattern to be searched (man dpkg-query for details). For xine-lib you can query on 'libxine\*':

  • dpkg-query -W -f='${Package} ${Version}\t${Architecture}\n' libxine\*

and for ffmpeg the easiest way to to query on the debug package:

  • dpkg-query -W -f='${Package} ${Version}\t${Architecture}\n' ffmpeg-dbg

The MOTUMedia team provide updated packages for xine-lib and ffmpeg in their PPA for past Ubuntu releases. See for instructions how to enable that archive. Please add this repository to your /etc/apt/sources.list, update your system, and make sure that you have both packages 'ffmpeg-dbg' and 'libxine1-dbg' installed (use 'sudo apt-get dist-upgrade && sudo apt-get install libxine1-dbg ffmpeg-dbg'). This way, you can produce meaningful backtraces that help us with the third point. You should read about how to create proper backtraces that help developers identifying the exact location of the crash.

Stock Reply

Thank you for taking the time to report this bug and helping to make Ubuntu better. You have reported a crash in the xine-lib library. In order to be able to actually fix this bug, we must be able to:

  • reproduce it
  • check if it happens with the latest version
  • understand where it actually crashes

You can help with the first point by attaching an example file to this bug report. Please note that a proper attachment is preferred over a link to some remote site. Remote sites that are password protected or otherwise restricted (services like and similar) are absolutely not acceptable.

How to Forward

Currently we do not usually forward xine-lib bugs. If the need arrives, though, upstream is at Upstream is integrated with Launchpad.

Known bugs

Description of known bug reports that may receive duplicates and how to recognise them. This information should be obtained by looking for bugs tagged as 'metabug'.






The subject from LP

This bug can be identified by ...






The subject from LP

This bug can be identified by ...


How to recognise common issues arising from hardware failures, common feature requests and other invalid bugs for this category. Advice how triage them and stock responses.

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