Welcome to the Ubuntu Delhi Team | दिल्ली टीम में आपका स्वागत है


Delhi is a state of infinite capabilities. Being the Capital state of India, it is the 2nd largest IT outsourcing center of India with a huge population of IT students/professionals. A fairly large population among this contributes to the open source in various ways.

Delhi Team, as a usergroup, shall also include members residing in the NCR region, making a pretty big area with countless OSS enthusiasts. This team aims towards promoting Ubuntu, FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) and hence, GNU/Linux.

Ubuntu Delhi Team is NOT a LoCo team. We as Indians should join the Indian LoCo team. Come and be a part of the Indian Local Community and help it grow larger; show the true potential of Indian FOSS community.

The Delhi Point of View

We, the residents of Delhi believe to be the best and do the best. With our combined efforts, we can take GNU/Linux to the peak. More will be the users, more shall contribute, and larger will become the OpenSource community.


Mailing List :

Forums :

Launchpad :

Mailing lists would notify the contact IDs of concerned authorities and shall create a communication channel between members apart from IRC and Launchpad.

What you can do..

Be a part of the OpenSource. Visit and report software bugs there, help out people with answers, or make developmental contributions as well. Be a part of Ubuntu Forums and participate in the discussions. Forums are a great place to learn as well. Read the beginner forums regularly to master all basic Ubuntu capabilities.


To view a preliminary guide and to join the Ubuntu Delhi usergroup, visit Members page. After joining the DelhiTeam, visit the Ubuntu SubForum for Delhi and register. Discuss everything you know, share what you want to and ask what you need to know Smile :)


  • Let us all promote the word "Open Source"
  • Let us all volunteer GNU/Linux with true potentials.
  • It is us, who can make the difference. Let us remove piracy, promote openSource.
  • Develop innovative ideas, scribble them at
  • Be devoted, we are those who make this community stronger.

Useful links for Ubuntu users


Sayak Banerjee
Wiki : sayakb
Webpage :
Email :
IRC : sayakb on
Launchpad :

Natasha Gupta
Wiki Page : Natasha24
Email :
IRC : mThinkin on
Launchpad :

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