Who am I?

Name: Dereck Wonnacott

名前: デレク・ワナコット

Loco: Michigan (USA)

DOB: 02.15.1987



IRC: Awsoonn on



Translations, Virtualization && Distributed computing, Robotics, Patching, Open Source Radeon Drivers, FFXI


English, Japanese, a little Danish


Jeg kan læse lidt dansk.

Contributions to Ubuntu

I enjoy bug triaging and helping new users get acquainted to the community. I spend most of my free time in IRC, Launchpad, and the Wiki.

In November 2007 I became active in bug triage via launchpad for Ubuntu in my spare time. Summer 2008 I have began doing my best to organise the weekly HugDays [1] for the BugSquad as well as maintain triaging documentation [2] in the wiki. I submitted a few trivial patches that have been accepted in packages such as apt[3,4] and rhythmbox.[5] I try to foster upstream connections whenever possible and have community ties with RHEL. Recently I spend much time generating patches and

When my Japanese friends want to try the latest and greatest FOSS, I provide translations for them and then submit them via Launchpad for everyone else. The first time I did this was with the Transmission Bit Torrent

Contributions to Linux

I am the president of the Lake Superior State University LUG. As a group we focus on the spread of Ubuntu and provide burned CDs for the campus community. Great success has been made on campus simply by using our laptops in public to do everything that our Windows comrades can do. We have successfully installed Linux as an option for all the computers of one computer lab on campus and people are using it.

This year we built a prototype Beowulf cluster for the Engineering Department for simulating wind farms.

Ambitions and Ideals

For the short term I wish to continue on my current path of triaging and assisting new users to get involved more. I have recently started talks with a few users on how to improve the HugDay so that more of the talent that is sitting on the sidelines can be tapped and turned into contributions.

As far at the LSSU LUG goes, we have a number of project proposals in the mix including a repo/iso mirror on campus for various distributions, Internet kiosks that run Ubuntu placed around campus, and a local IRC server and online forum for receiving local support. We encourage the local community to attend our weekly meetings to hammer out details of these projects.

In the long term I wish to become MOTU and work on a wide range of interesting packages. I especially want to help further engineering software like FreeMat and GNU Octave as well as provide open source ATI drivers that rival the closed soruce version.


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